Our Product & Services


A Robust Platform for Academic Enthusiasts

Netiworld is a constructive platform for trading information among teachers, students & parents. This platform can help to build a strong community for the people working in the field of education. Moreover it'll be a very helpful source for sharing knowledge and remaining updated with the latest educational trends. ​Updates about the classroom, homework, events and more can easily be found in this medium.


Smart Institute Management Software

Neti CMS is an ultimate source to modernize our education system by providing dynamic websites for institutions. Since 2015, the honorable government of Bangladesh has been instructing each and every school, college and Madrasa to build their own website. Neticms has amazing features, for instance: building attractive websites for academic institutions, up-to-date contents and integration with Eduman software which is capable of tracking data and integrating information for the visitors of the website. In addition, this will be a helpful assistance to students, teachers and parents to stay updated.


Digital Attendance Automation

It's a digital attendance device Intigration Tools / Application Which sends daily data to the cloud-based Eduman software which creates reports through their dynamic webtools. Attendance is a very important criteria to track attentiveness of the students and this device manages daily reacords of the students efficiently and updates parents about their presence through SMS. So this innovation is essential for every institution.


Smart Institute Management Software

Eduman is an academic institute management software that makes your schools, colleges, madrasas or any other educational institutes smarter. More than 4,000+ institutions are using Eduman in Bangladesh. It provides educational institutes with comprehensive IT solutions including exam management, result management, HR & Accounts Management, Inventory Management, Multi Branch Management. With the total IT solutions, we simplify & digitalize operations in educational institutions.

Bijoy Digital Content

Educate Your Children with Digital Contents

Bijoy Digital Content is the result of digital conversion of the primary education section of NCTB textbooks. It encourages children to study with natural enthusiasm because this app makes studying more fun, interactive and easier. With the help of audio and visual interactive and playful contents kids can finish their books earlier than usual time. Both Windows and Android versions of this application are available.


An Admission Management Solution

Admisia is an unique and independent online Admission Management System. The works related to admission management are very monotonous and exhausting. That's why Admisia is introduced to the education sector to facilitate the conventional process. It's a very popular and widely used system for school management. The features include an online application system, online payment feature and other interesting services that they deliver instantaneously.